Hello and welcome to R27.
  • R27 is a creative and dynamic place. As you will see from the classroom environment there is not one desk per child etc.... Please allow the students to sit where they will work best.
  • In R27 we use digital devices to support our learning, this means you will see desktop computers, laptops, ipads and sometimes ipod touches and cellphones being used to support the students learning. While the students are pretty good, occasionally they may need reminding to stay on task.
  • Please ensure that the students look after the resources and that they are locked up in the cupboard and that the doors and windows are locked when the room is unattended.
  • Please do not lend the resources to students from other classes outside of syndicate B, if you do lend them please make a note on the board to ensure we get them back from syndicate B.

I have high expectations for my students, so please ensure they continue to work well.

To find out what the students will be doing today please click on the link below. You will be directed to the timetable page and you will see what the students have been doing for the week.


The roll needs to be completed twice a day, once first thing in the morning and once straight after lunch. There is a brown manila folder in a grey file hanger behind the bookcase.

  • I have bus duties on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Bus duty starts at 3:00 and goes til 3:30 approx. If you are unable to do this duty please make a swap with someone that can. Yolande Franke is the person to talk to do this.
  • If you are here on a Wednesday and Friday and you are not assigned a duty how about help out a teacher and go and relieve them of their duty....I can tell you it would make their day.

  • The students that can assist you with technical details are: Shannon, Olivia, Kate, Jemma etc....

  • R27 is member of syndicate B. The other great classes are R25 - Mr Naidoo, R26 - Sarah Puttick and R28 Brent Pearson (Lead teacher).
  • Brent Pearson is the syndicate leader and any problems you have please see him.
  • Another contact person is Sarah Puttick who often knows what is going on.
  • The class councillor is Laila and the deputy is Kaelim they are pretty neat students who will be able to support you during the day. Other students that you can count on are, Kate, Shannon, Olivia, Kim, Rebecca, Bryony, Samuel, Michael etc.... In general the class is pretty great so this list could be a lot longer. :-)

Please feel free to leave a comment about your time in the class and any areas that I may need to follow up.

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