Shannon's Feedback - By Miss Latto
You have shown your leadership well during the discussion. You have thought of where to sit and how to support the discussion.
Your questions were good and were looking at trying to get answers that go beyond the book.


Summary: As their final year at university draws to an end, Oliver and Jenny realise they do not want to part as they graduate, and decide to get married. They travel to their parents' houses before the wedding to tell them the good news. As they arrive at Oliver's parents house, Jenny happily meets and chats with them throughout dinner. Next they travel to Rhode Island for Oliver to meet Phil, Jenny's dad. Oliver is surprised to see such a happy little neighborhood and suddenly feels out of place. Phil treats them to a gorgeous Italian dinner, as Jenny and Phil come from an Italian background. Thankfully, Phil gladly accepts Oliver to the family, which makes up of Jenny and Phil. A week later, they are married in a quiet an beautiful wedding, ready to commit to such a big step in life.

Bryony's Feedback from Miss Latto
Your summary draws a lot of compliments from your group as it is really accurate, well done. Next step is to think about how you could present your information - your group said it could have been the could have done this idea.

News Reporter

I really liked your news report, it was creative

Kate's Feedback
Really interesting teasing out of the character of Jenny throughout these chapters, great use of google draw. Next step is to add evidence from the text and fine tune your language.